Safflower Oil - 100% Pure, Cold Pressed

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Safflower Oil

(Carthamus tinctorius)

The safflower plant, which is related to the thistle, is thought to be native of Egypt and the Far East. The highest quality oil is warm-pressed from the seeds; it has a deep, golden-yellow hue and a faint, nutty odour. Unrefined safflower oil is rich in essential fatty acids and contains useful levels of vitamin E. It is also a natural sun filter, screening out, on average, up to 20 per cent of the sun's rays. However, the unrefined oil is especially vulnerable to oxidation and should be stored in the fridge.

Percentage in Blends: Can be used as a base oil, 100 percent.

General Herb Information

Carthamus tinctorius L.

Family: Asteraceae.

Other Names: Saffron thistle; hong hua (Chinese); carthame (French); Färberdistel, Saflor (German); cartamo (Italian); cártamo (Spanish).

Description: Safflower is an erect annual herb with toothed, prickly leaves and attractive yellow flower heads surrounded by bristly bracts. The fruits are small, white, one-seeded nuts (achenes).

Origin: Unknown. The earliest archaeological records are from Mesopotamia. The plant is cultivated for traditional health use mainly in China, while production of seed oil is centred in India, the USA, Mexico and Ethiopia.

Parts Used: Flowers (Cartharmi flos), also the seeds and seed oil (Carthami oleum).

Therapeutic Category: Emmenagogue, anti-inflammatory.

Uses and Properties: Flowers are important in China for helping support female ailments, inflammation, heart disorders, and fever. Also used to help support lower abdominal pain and to clean and support wounds, scars, swellings, and sprains. The unpurified oil is slightly purgative; used against chronic digestive troubles.

Active Ingredients: The yellow pigments in the flowers are glucosylated dichalcones (such as carthamin, safflor yellow B, safflomin C, hydroxysafflor yellow A and tinctormine). Also present are numerous flavonoids (mainly glycosides of quercetin and luteolin), alpha-tocopherol, triterpene alcohols (mainly heianol) and polysaccharides.

Health Effects: Both the flowers and the oil have cholesterol lowering effects, while the polysaccharides are reported to act as immune stimulants. Uterotonic activity has been demonstrated in animal studies. Tinctormine has strong calcium antagonistic action, the flavonoids show antioxidant effects, alpha-tocopherol has vitamin E activity and the triterpene alcohols are anti-inflammatory.

Notes: Flowers are a source of yellow or red dye and are used as an adulterant of saffron and to colour butter, confectionery and cosmetics. The oil has the highest linoleic acid content of any known seed oil and can be used as a source of this acid in the health food industry.

Status: Traditional health; Pharm.
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ZIN: 428376 - Safflower Oil - 100% Pure, Cold Pressed  Verified Purchase
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