Wheat Germ Oil - 100% Pure, Expeller Pressed

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Wheat Germ Oil

(Triticum vulgare)

The oil is either warm-pressed or solvent extracted from the 'germ' of the wheat. It is thick and sticky with an orangy-brown hue and a strong, earthy odour which is difficult to mask. However, the oil is extremely rich in vitamin E. Taken internally, wheat germ oil is said to help skin irritations, fight the development of varicose veins and to remove cholesterol deposits from the arteries. Applied topically, the oil is believed to penetrate deep into the skin, from where it acts to repair some of the damage caused by excessive exposure to sunlight. For this reason, wheat germ oil is popular in beauty care.

Percentage in Blends: Wheat germ oil is far too sticky to use on its own. Most aromatherapists add up to 15 per cent of wheat germ oil to lighter base oils, such as almond or grapeseed. The oil is also thought to extend the shelf-life of blends because of its so-called antioxidant properties. However, there are grave doubts about the ability of wheat germ oil to prolong the shelf-life of blends.

Wheat, Common
Triticum vulgare L.

Medicinal Usage

Wheat was used to help support inflammations, swellings, irritated skin, painful joints, wounds and irritations. Gerard said "the fine flour mixed with the yolk of an egg, honey, and a little saffron, doth draw and rejuvenate boils and such like sores, in children and in old people, very well and quickly." Pliny mentioned that a man seized with joint pain buried himself in wheat up to his knees, and "he was relived of the pain, and the water in his feet dried up in a wonderful way."

Culinary Usage

Grains of wheat, ground into flour, were used in cooking, especially for bread, cakes and pastries. The wheat germ, extracted before milling, was also a valued food.


Wheat, one of the oldest and most important of cereal crops, has been cultivated in Britain since prehistoric times. Archaeological research has established that a form of the grass grew in the Holy Land some 9,000 years ago. Grains of wheat have been discovered in ancient Egyptian tombs. In medieval times a corn dolly, plaited from the straw of the last sheaf of wheat to be harvested, was stored over winter and ploughed into the ground the following spring. It was believed to contain the Harvest Spirit, whose survival was essential to ensure the success of the crop that followed. The reed straw was also used for thatching.
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