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5 Paint Brushes - Stiff Bristle
"Stiff Enough for Thick Paints, Pastes, or Glues!"
5 Paint Brushes - Stiff Bristle
$ 5.99 US
 In Stock - Ships Right Now!

5 paint brushes with stiff bristles, ideal for use with paint discs, thick paints and glue!


Masterpiece Art Trays - Package of 4
"Ideal for Printmaking Template or Rubbing Plate!"
Masterpiece Art Trays - Package of 4
$ 14.63 US
 In Stock - Ships Right Now!

Each tray design is inspired by a great work of art. Paint directly on the tray (try both surfaces), lay a sheet of paper over the wet paint, gently rub and pull of...


Paint By Numbers - Magic Portrait - Eyes Follow You!
"The Eyes Follow You as You Move!"
Paint By Numbers - Magic Portrait - Eyes Follow You!
$ 4.49 US
 In Stock - Ships Right Now!

Bring to life a magical portrait! The eyes will follow you as you move!

Watching Portrait includes:
  • 1 Paint by number die-cut board
  • 1 printed ...

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Happy Customers
Brahms Baby Rattle Bear - Blue
Russ BerrieVery impressed. We weren't sure if we would receive it coming from so far away - we took a chance as  [continues ...]

-- Matt

Brahms Baby Rattle Bear - Blue

Magic 8 Ball Classic
Incredible magic eight ball!
MattelThe product is great fun! Just what I expected! Its magic dazzles everybody, children and adults. It  [continues ...]

-- ana

Magic 8 Ball Classic

Official Poker Dice Set - 5 Pieces

John N. Hansen Co.


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Hickery Dickery Clock Game

Northern Games

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