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Super Marble Run Vortis - 200 Pieces
The Largest Marble Run Available!

Super Marble Run Vortis - 200 Pieces

More Photographs below.
Double-entry funnels!
Double-length bridges!
Multiple marble launchers!

More Info continues below.


ZIN Product Number: 426219
Weight: 5.35 lbs (2.43 KG)
Size (inches): 4.33" X 16.06" X 20.55"
Size (cm): 11.0 cm X 40.8 cm X 52.2 cm

Age Group:
6 and up

Manufacturer: Quercetti Intelligent Toys


An exciting construction game that teaches children to visualize and design structures in such a way that the chutes are always inclined in the right direction. They can invent their own structures or reproduce one of the examples shown on the box. The interlocking pieces fit together easily allowing for trial and error. Then it's time to launch the marble to see if everything works. Our exclusive multiple marble launcher releases up to 10 marbles fly through the chutes, over the bridges and rails, around the wheels gives children a huge sense of satisfaction.

This set includes all the wide variety of pieces available in our marble run system. First of all the 4 new exceptional components just introduced this year: the double-entry Funnels and the Spirals are original and innovative components, exclusive to Quercetti marble runs, that increase greatly the play value and spectacularity of the tracks. Then, the "double-length bridges" to make the tracks longer; finally the "bell-shaped bases" to make the structures steadier. Multiple marble launchers, paddle-wheels, short bridges and rails are also part of the set, for an important and breathtaking present.


Additional Information

Quercetti Intelligent Toys are specifically targeted for the ages 3 to 12 and are designed to encourage reasoning, creativity, mobility skills and cooperation among children. Each toy stimulates equally the right side of the brain (for fantasy, intuition, imagination) and the left side (for logic, math, language) to promote harmony and interrelation between the two sides and to teach children to think in a complete way. Our toys are never repetitive but always inspire new discoveries and inventions, helping children acquire new precious talents for their adult life. In brief, Quercetti Intelligent Toys help children's brains develop to the best of their potential.


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Number of Reviews: 4    Average Rating: 4.2

Super Marble Run Vortis  Super Marble Run Vortis - 200 Pieces

Yes, everything was great! My daughter played with the marble maze Christmas Day, and you all were wonderful to speak to on the phone when I ordered.


Anne in Maryland

-- Anne
-- February 1, 2006

  Super Marble Run Vortis - 200 Pieces

-- Anonymous
-- June 17, 2005

  Super Marble Run Vortis - 200 Pieces

-- Anonymous
-- June 17, 2005

Amazing product!  Super Marble Run Vortis - 200 Pieces

-- Anonymous
-- June 17, 2005

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More Photographs - Super Marble Run Vortis - 200 Pieces

Super Marble Run Vortis - 200 Pieces
Super Marble Run Vortis - 200 Pieces - Additional View

End of More Photographs - Super Marble Run Vortis - 200 Pieces

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