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Modular Base System Base Plate
by Darda Toys 

Modular Base System Base Plate

More Photographs below.
Make your favorite Darda set stable and portable!

Contains 6 base units, 15 bars, (4) 1 3/4" straight tracks, and illustrated instructions.
More Info continues below.


ZIN Product Number: 414472
Weight: 4.16 lbs (1.89 KG)
Size (inches): 16.93" X 8.27" X 5.12"
Size (cm): 43.0 cm X 21.0 cm X 13.0 cm

Darda Toys


Make your favorite Darda set stable and portable!

Contains 6 base units, 15 bars, (4) 1 3/4" straight tracks, and illustrated instructions.



1. Can I run my car on carpet?
While the car will work on carpet, running it on this type of surface is not recommended. Dust and carpet particles can get caught and shorten the life of the motor.

2. Why can't my car make it all the way around the track?
First, be sure that the car is fully wound by pressing down on the car body and moving it back and forth several times until you hear the "click" get louder, then let it go. Second, be sure that all track seams meet and connections are secure. Track pieces must fit together smoothly and leave no unconnected space. If the set contains "flex" track, it may be necessary to play with, adjust, or "tweak" the loops to maximize performance.

3. What is the difference between Ultra Speed and Die Cast cars?
Die cast have metal bodies and are slightly heavier than Ultra Speed cars. They are generally better for low, short sets. Ultra Speed cars are made of the same light, durable plastic as football helmets. The lighter body enables them to climb higher and go faster. They are better for high climbing sets. THE MOTORS ARE THE SAME.

4. If I buy extra Darda cars, will they work as well as the car that came in my set?
Each set is packed with the car that works best on that set. When buying additional cars to run on the same layout, it is best to choose cars with a similar body shape and type to the one packed in the set.

5. What is the difference between standard and stop n' go motors?
Standard motors are red. After reving up a car with a standard motor, the car will take off automatically. A stop 'n' go motor has an added feature which will hold it in place after winding it back and forth. The car will take off when the rear bumper is tapped by another car or your finger. Stop N' Go motors are blue.

6. Can I put my set on carpet?
Yes. While it is not ideal, your track can be set up on carpet. We do recommend dusting off the track before use so that dust particles from the carpet do not jam the motor in your car. We do not recommend running the car itself on carpet.

Additional Information

Around 1970 Helmut Darda invented the Darda Mega-Motor.

The same precision engineering that produces the world's most accurate wristwatches is the genius behind every Darda car. Helmut Darda used this expert German engineering to invent a motor that enabled his miniature cars to reach amazing speeds.

In 1975 the worlds smallest interchangeable spring motor began its victorious appearance in toy stores around the world. For more than 24 years now Darda has been a name that stands for the best quality miniature motorized cars.

On April 12, 1985 a Darda car and a Darda loop were selected by NASA to take a historic journey into space. For Toys in Space, low gravity experiments designed to spark our childrens' interest in Science and space.

Motor Features
  • German Design and Engineering;
  • Precision Clutch-motor can't be overwound;
  • Brass Gears and Bearings-24 moving parts;
  • Simple back and forth motion energizes the motor;
  • Patented Design.
    U.S. Patents: 3,312,933; 3,812,933 ; 4,053,029 ; 4,832,156.

How to wind the Darda Car:
1. Push down the chassis until you hear a click.
2. Roll the car back and forth until the clicking gets louder, then stop.
3. Your car is now wound up and ready to race. (the precision clutch reduces the motor from being over wound!)


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More Photographs - Modular Base System Base Plate

Modular Base System Base Plate

End of More Photographs - Modular Base System Base Plate

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