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Rokenbok Monorail Track
by Rokenbok 

Rokenbok Monorail Track

More Photographs below.
Create your own track layouts- go up, down, and curve around. Even figure-eights!

Add this to your Monorail Start Set and design simple circles, ovals, figure-eights or tracks that go up and down and around. Create your own layouts or u...

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ZIN Product Number: 413665
Weight: 2.97 lbs (1.35 KG)
Size (inches): 13.39" X 3.54" X 7.87"
Size (cm): 34.0 cm X 9.0 cm X 20.0 cm



Create your own track layouts- go up, down, and curve around. Even figure-eights!

Add this to your Monorail Start Set and design simple circles, ovals, figure-eights or tracks that go up and down and around. Create your own layouts or use those provided in the enclosed plan book. For existing Rokenbok Pump Station, Power Chutes or Action Factory Start Set owners, this building set provides an economical entry into the Rokenbok Rail System when combined with new RC Monorail Freighter.

This 136-piece set includes risers to help support track, catwalks, signal lights, worker and man lift.



Learning Benefits
Rokenbok helps build smarter, happier kids

The way children naturally explore and play with the Rokenbok system provides a multitude of beneficial learning experiences.

Playing with Rokenbok helps children acquire useful skills for the present and future. These learning experiences fall into four distinct areas of learning and skills development:

Physical Skills
Rokenbok can enhance the development of children's fine motor skills. This comes about as the child assembles Rokenbok components in a variety of designs and also operates the Rokenbok remote control system, developing focused eye-hand coordination abilities.

Social Skills
Rokenbok can help teach social skills. Because Rokenbok works extremely well with group play, children are able to develop a positive approach to cooperative and "team" activity. Children learn to communicate, share, and help others to achieve a common goal such as in the assembly of a large operating Rokenbok structure. This also helps children learn to manage and reduce conflict and stress, important skills necessary in today's challenging social environment.

Cognitive Skills
The third area of learning that benefits from Rokenbok play is perhaps the most important. Rokenbok can positively impact children's cognitive skills development. The Rokenbok systems requires children to think abstractly in three-dimensional patterns, and to plan ahead in logical sequences to design, build, and play within a unique environment of their own creation. Because Rokenbok components can assemble into operating systems, children are also offered the challenge of basic mechanics. Through Rokenbok, they begin to experience the applications of geometry and physics at abstract and tactile levels of understanding.

Creativity and Imagination
All of the previously discussed learning benefits of the Rokenbok system come together to help inspire children's imagination and ability to create their own distinctive play environments. Because of the variety of building system components and the stimulating Radio Control play elements, the Rokenbok system offers repeatable creative play. This encourages a child to imagine additional designs, configurations, and the play processes to achieve them.

Additional Information

The Rokenbok Toy Company was founded to create a "Legacy Quality" toy system focused on creativity, imagination, and learning. Supported by the best of today's modern design and manufacturing technologies, the Rokenbok System unites state-of-the-art technology with classic toy design and old-world values.

Our mythical founder, Benjamin Klaus Rokenbok drew his inspiration from a life-long fascination with toys and modeling. Growing up in the Netherlands in the 1930s, his toys were of the old world and embodied the craftsmanship, quality, and longevity that are so highly valued in the European community.

As an adult, Mr. Rokenbok moved to the U.S. and had a long, productive career in the design of office machines. He also worked in technical product development for the computer industry. Throughout his career, Mr. Rokenbok always had a fascination with designing toys.

While living in California in the 1970s, Mr. Rokenbok met Walter Ross who was in charge of new product development and toy licensing for one of the country's largest toy manufacturers. Excited at the opportunity to show off his designs, Mr. Rokenbok presented Ross with some of his toy inventions in hopes of licensing them. Although they were not accepted, the two men began a friendship that has grown over the last two decades.

Twenty years later in 1992, immediately after Mr. Rokenbok's retirement, he conceived of the Rokenbok Radio Control Construction System. Excited by his new idea, Mr. Rokenbok met again with Walter Ross, who was also now retired. The idea behind the new toy was to combine computer technology and robotics with an expandable building system. Mr. Rokenbok described the endless fascination such a system would have for children, and the many learning and skills benefits inherent in such a toy.

Astonished by his creativity and ingenuity, Walter Ross offered to serve as a director in Mr. Rokenbok's newly forming company. He immediately introduced Mr. Rokenbok to Paul Eichen, a young executive from San Diego's entrepreneurial computer products community. Eichen agreed to become the company's President and set out with Mr. Rokenbok to recruit the managers and directors of the present day Rokenbok Toy Company.


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review  Rokenbok Monorail Track

-- Anonymous
-- June 17, 2005

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More Photographs - Rokenbok Monorail Track

Rokenbok Monorail Track

End of More Photographs - Rokenbok Monorail Track

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