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Astrojax V-Max - Citrus
by Grand 

Astrojax V-Max - Citrus

More Photographs below.
While games like diabolo or yo-yo have been around for hundreds of years, Astrojax is an entirely new breed of toy, a revolutionary concept with possibilities we are only just starting to understand. Every d...

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ZIN Product Number: 409479
Weight: 0.26 lbs (0.12 KG)
Size (inches): 8.27" X 8.27" X 1.18"
Size (cm): 21.0 cm X 21.0 cm X 3.0 cm

Grand Toys


While games like diabolo or yo-yo have been around for hundreds of years, Astrojax is an entirely new breed of toy, a revolutionary concept with possibilities we are only just starting to understand. Every day Astrojax players around the world are discovering new tricks and exciting moves we didn't even think were possible. And word is spreading fast that Astrojax is what the real cracks are now playing - a game all about action, rhythm and your own personal style.

    Like most great ideas, Astrojax actually seems surprisingly simple: Three weighted balls attached by a piece of string with the middle ball freely moving. Yet the construction of Astrojax is very sophisticated. Each ball has a precision-machined metal weight to provide maximum performance and smooth action while playing. The fast spinning motion of the balls is based on the physical principles of rotational dynamics.



V-MAX - The fast new Astrojax

Astrojax V-MAX are made of high quality polycarbonate. The new design minimizes friction and allows fast, smooth action when playing.

Advanced players like Jan love it. V-MAX perfectly suits his precise, high energy style of playing. Due to the hard shell V-MAX is less suited for rebound and body tricks however which work best with Astrojax PLUS.

The transparent shells nicely feature our patented precision-machined metal weights inside.

V-MAX are available in three cool colours: Ice-Blue, Citrus and Ruby.

Each set of Astrojax comes with a trick sheet and an aj-dos (Astrojax Docking Station) which is useful for carrying or storing Astrojax.

Additional Information

Astrojax is a fascinating new toy illustrating a wide variety of basic science principles.

During vertical orbits the outer ball orbits around the middle ball. However, just as with the orbital motion of the earth and moon, neither ball is still - both balls are in motion. During horizontal orbits, both balls orbit in perfect circles. Our earth orbits around the sun and our moon orbits around the earth in ellipses which are not quite circular, but close!

A metal weight concentrates the mass at the center of the middle ball. This allows the middle ball to spin rapidly. (A diver uses the same principle when she tucks into a ball during a dive so she can spin faster. Similarly, an ice skater uses this principle when he brings in his arms during a twirl to spin faster.) Because the middle ball can spin rapidly, the string never tangles around the middle ball!

During horizontal orbits the middle ball does not slide on the string, so energy is not lost to friction. This is why horizontal orbits last a long time without any hand motion. However, during vertical orbits the center ball does slide up and down on the string. (If you listen closely you can hear it sliding.) Therefore energy is lost to friction, and vertical orbits require tugs of the hand to add energy to sustain the orbits.

As the velocity of the horizontal orbits increases, the string attached to the end ball becomes more and more horizontal. As the string becomes more horizontal, it can exert more inwards force on the end ball. This illustrates that the inward force required to produce circular orbits increases as the velocity of the orbits increases.


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Number of Reviews: 7    Average Rating: 3.9

  Astrojax V-Max - Citrus

This item is not the what you want. This product does not contain any LED lights, rendering this product quite lame in my opinion.

-- פכור (Profession: 0)
-- January 28, 2011

  Astrojax V-Max - Citrus

Hey the shipping was great!!! and fast for that matter.

-- Tascha
-- June 24, 2003

Astrojak  Astrojax V-Max - Citrus


-- Alex
-- August 13, 2003

  Astrojax V-Max - Citrus

-- Anonymous
-- March 18, 2004

Very Pleased  Astrojax V-Max - Citrus

-- Anonymous
-- June 17, 2005

Pleased  Astrojax V-Max - Citrus

-- Anonymous
-- June 17, 2005

wonderful product  Astrojax V-Max - Citrus

-- Anonymous
-- June 17, 2005

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More Photographs - Astrojax V-Max - Citrus

Astrojax V-Max - Citrus

End of More Photographs - Astrojax V-Max - Citrus

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