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Capsela - Skatkat
by Capsela 

Capsela - Skatkat

More Photographs below.
The Skatkat set Builds 1 fast motorized pull back & go construction machine with flashing light

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  Our Price: $15.85 US
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ZIN Product Number: 408000
Weight: 0.81 lbs (0.37 KG)
Size (inches): 2.76" X 9.06" X 6.50"
Size (cm): 7.0 cm X 23.0 cm X 16.5 cm



The Skatkat set Builds 1 fast motorized pull back & go construction machine with flashing light

Additional Information

Capsela is a wonderful building set that also teaches about science. Capsela is a motorized building system that contains an easy-to-follow booklet that introduces basic science concepts. The motors and working gears are incapsulated and thus the name Capsela. Kids work with crown gears, an elecrical switch box, the transformation of energy, and other mechanical principles. The Capsela motorized building system provides children with hands-on experiences so that they can learn about energy and forces by actually handling batteries, creating motors, and seeing for themselves how energy changes with the help of visible gears and wheels. Each kit contains an easy-to-follow activity booklet that introduces basic science concepts. Smaller kits explore energy changes, electric circuits, motion energy, speed, and torque.

   Larger kits also provide introductory lessons on friction and traction, chain drive, inclined plane, crown gear, electrical switch box, buoyancy, electric circuitry, force, transformation of energy, vacuum, wheel-and-axle, friction, propellers, and Newton's third law (to every action, or force, there is equal and opposite force).

The step-by-step full-color illustrated assembly instructions are easy to follow, and children quickly master valuable science principles while they create fascinating motorized projects. Children will be fascinated and quickly master valuable science principles with the fun and intriguing Capsela sets.
  Our Price: $15.85 US
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  In Stock - Ships Right Now!


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Capsela - Skatkat


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More Photographs - Capsela - Skatkat

Capsela - Skatkat

End of More Photographs - Capsela - Skatkat

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