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Hair Loss

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Surgi-Wax - Body and Leg - Microwave Hair Remover

by Ardell
Safe, effective, and easy hair removal with salon-style results!

Surgi-Wax - Body and Leg - Microwave Hair Remover

More Photographs below.
Salon-style results in the privacy of your own home!
Hair is removed by the root, leaving your skin free of re-growth for weeks!
No muslin strips or special heaters involved!

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ZIN Product Number: 420474
Size: 4 oz
Weight: 0.37 lbs (0.17 KG)
Size (inches): 2.95" X 2.95" X 3.23"
Size (cm): 7.5 cm X 7.5 cm X 8.2 cm

Traditional Uses:
Healthy Skin, Hair, and Nails, Hair Removal

Interests: Health? I just want to be pampered!

Manufacturer: Ardell


The New Revolutionary Waxing System - Waxes Away Unwanted Hair Instantly!

New Microwave Formula SURGI-WAX provides salon-style results in the privacy of your own home. SURGI-WAX removes hair from the root, leaving your skin free of re-growth for weeks. It's so easy to use, all you need is a microwave. Simply heat wax to a creamy consistency, apply to skin, and within seconds, the wax will become pliable. Then just pull off to remove hair! Everything you need is in this one kit for fast effective hair removal. Leaves skin sleek, smooth and beautiful. All without muslin strips or special heaters!

The original Surgi-Cream formula was developed over 30 years ago in the research laboratories of one of America's largest companies. It has been used by health practitioners and beauty salons for over 25 years. The new Surgi-Cream formula was pre-tested under medical supervision and found safe and potentially effective when used according to directions on normal skin. Surgi-Cream has been on the market since 1957. Millions of applications have been given with complete satisfaction and effectiveness.

Surgi-Cream, the popular and extensive line of hair removal products sold in retail stores - such as drug stores - is also part of the Ardell brand. In addition to being the #1 selling facial hair removal cream, the Surgi-Cream line offers numerous depilatory formulations to meet the needs of every consumer, including body and facial hair removal strips, eyebrow shaping epilating strips, depilatory creams for the legs and bikini areas, an extra-gentle depilatory formula for sensitive facial skin, a moisturizing hair removal lotion formula with cocoa butter, and the Surgi-Wax preparations for fast and easy waxing of unwanted facial and body hair.



Kit includes: 1 - SURGI-WAX Microwave Formula; 2 - Spatulas; 1 - Instruction sheet.


For external use only.

Use only as directed.

Keep out of reach of children.

Label Information


Additional Information

Surgi Cream is part of the Ardell line manufactured by International Industries. International is a manufacturer and distributor of fine beauty products that are sold in retail stores and professional beauty supply stores throughout the world.

International was founded in 1971 with the SuperNail line. It has grown to become one of the largest privately-held beauty companies in the United States. The company's headquarters is located in Commerce California, a suburb of Los Angeles.


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Number of Reviews: 2    Average Rating: 4.0

Great Product!  Surgi-Wax - Body and Leg - Microwave Hair Remover

-- Anonymous
-- June 17, 2005

  Surgi-Wax - Body and Leg - Microwave Hair Remover

-- Anonymous
-- June 17, 2005

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More Photographs - Surgi-Wax - Body and Leg - Microwave Hair Remover

Surgi-Wax - Body and Leg - Microwave Hair Remover

End of More Photographs - Surgi-Wax - Body and Leg - Microwave Hair Remover

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