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Tea Tree Conditioner

by Treemenda
Tea Tree Conditioner

More Photographs below.
Removes build-up in dull and lifeless hair. Natural conditioning agents repair and protect. Hair is left softer, shinier and more manageable. Use with Treemenda Tea Tree Shampoo. For all hair types.

Centuries ago, in Australia, it was learned ...

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ZIN Product Number: 413062
Size: 17 fl oz
Weight: 1.21 lbs (0.55 KG)
Size (inches): 1.97" X 3.35" X 8.07"
Size (cm): 5.0 cm X 8.5 cm X 20.5 cm

Traditional Uses:
Head Lice

Manufacturer: Treemenda

Symptoms: Dandruff


Removes build-up in dull and lifeless hair. Natural conditioning agents repair and protect. Hair is left softer, shinier and more manageable. Use with Treemenda Tea Tree Shampoo. For all hair types.

Centuries ago, in Australia, it was learned that the oil from one of the native bushes, the Tea Tree (Melaleuca Alternifolia), possessed tremendous healing properties. Aborigines discovered that the essential oil from the leaves of the tea tree provided a natural herb for a wide variety of ailments. Since then, people around the world have come to recognize the value of this remarkably powerful yet natural medicinal oil. Unique to Australia, tea tree oil is one of the most researched and scientifically proven therapeutic oils known today.

Better than Antibiotics!

Results of various scientific studies have shown that tea tree oil is twelve times stronger than phenol, a universal antiseptic substance. Yet this potent oil is a safe to use, non-toxic and completely natural antiseptic. One of the primary problems with today's antibiotics is the increasing resistance that infectious bacteria have developed, rendering them useless. Tea tree oil's complexity, with nearly 100 natural compounds, makes it nearly impossible for bacteria to build up resistance to it.



After shampooing, rinse well. Gently massage sufficient conditioner into hair and scalp, working it through to the tips. Leave 1 - 2 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.


Purified water, Hexadecanol, Cetyl Trimethyl Ammonium Chloride, Apple Cider Vinegar, Chamomile, Nettle Stem and Leaf, Red Clover Leaf and Blossom, Dandelion Leaf, Lavender OIl, Olive Oil, Avocado Oil, Pumpkinseed Oil, Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca Alternifolia)


Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes.

Additional Information

Solutions To All Your Family's Needs

Treemenda Therapeutics Tea Tree products offer the best solution for all of your family's skin care needs. Their amazing blend of anti-bacterial, soothing and healing properties is 100% natural, giving you exceptional skin protection and renewal.

Body and Skin Care

Treemenda Therapeutics soaps, creams and lotions blend the powers of tea tree oil with nature's other elements such as lavender, avocado and pumpkin seed oil, creating effective, naturally sourced body products. Sun damage, acne, aging, stress and environmental factors such as pollution, can prevent your skin from looking its best. Treemenda Therapeutics products help oxygenate skin cells and repair damage caused by these and other skin irritations. Tea tree oil's powerful skin penetration abilities allow it to work in the deep layers of your skin to restore new radiance and a youthful glow to your skin.

Oral Care

Plaque and bacteria are the leading causes of gum disease and chronic bad breath. Treemenda Therapeutics Tea Tree Toothpaste and Mouthwash slow the growth of plaque-causing bacteria and decay while refreshing your mouth, leaving your teeth clean and your gums healthy. Promote good oral hygiene for the entire family while helping in the support for cold sores, mouth ulcers, gingivitis and other gum diseases. Neither product contains artificial sweeteners and will leave your mouth feeling alive with the natural essence of peppermint oil.

Hair Care

Treemenda Therapeutics Shampoo and Conditioner provide a natural solution for common scalp and hair problems. While regular hair care products leave a residue on the scalp and hair, Treemenda Therapeutics Shampoo and Conditioner stimulate the scalp, toning hair follicles and balancing oily or dry conditions. They also remove the build-up of other shampoos, conditioners, mousses and sprays. The tea tree oil controls bacteria that causes dandruff and itchy scalp, leaving your hair softer, shinier and more manageable.

Treemenda Therapeutics Tea Tree Oil is a must for every family - versatile, powerful and 100% safe and natural healing for all your skin care needs.


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Number of Reviews: 2    Average Rating: 4.5

Good  Tea Tree Conditioner

-- Anonymous
-- June 17, 2005

excellent service  Tea Tree Conditioner

-- Anonymous
-- June 17, 2005

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More Photographs - Tea Tree Conditioner

Tea Tree Conditioner
Tea Tree Conditioner - Label

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