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QuickStraw Cup
by Playtex

QuickStraw Cup

More Photographs below.
The QuickStraw Cup is a 12 oz sports bottle with an attached straw. It can fit in the bottle holder of a child's bicycle, stroller, etc. The handy flip-top lid keeps the straw clean when not in use and the unique child-proof straw snaps into pl...

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ZIN Product Number: 402778
Weight: 0.18 lbs (0.08 KG)
Size (inches): 3.94" X 2.56" X 8.07"
Size (cm): 10.0 cm X 6.5 cm X 20.5 cm



The QuickStraw Cup is a 12 oz sports bottle with an attached straw. It can fit in the bottle holder of a child's bicycle, stroller, etc. The handy flip-top lid keeps the straw clean when not in use and the unique child-proof straw snaps into place, so your child cannot pull it out of the bottle.
  • Fun to use for travel
  • Handy flip-top lid is leak proof and keeps straw clean when not in use
  • Unique child-proof straw snaps in place, so child cannot pull straw from bottle
  • Easy to clean
  • Available in 12 oz size for children 36 months and over


Additional Information

About Playtex

Playtex Products, Inc. is a public companywith common stock traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbolPYX.
All Playtex trademarks are owned by PlaytexMarketing Corp.


ZooScape Reviews!

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Number of Reviews: 13    Average Rating: 3.8

Straw Durability  QuickStraw Cup

We love the new Quickstraw cups. The idea of them is great. The only problem is, the straw on all three of the cups I bought has cracked and/or ripped off (the top part of the straw). This is a definite choking hazard. Another problem is - I cannot find replacement straws anywhere!

-- Traci
-- June 29, 2003

Quickstraw cup  QuickStraw Cup

An excellent product that I don't recommend getting. Once your child has teeth, they chew off the straw tip. Could be a choking hazard. Plus you will never find replacements straw tips.

-- Miffed Parent
-- September 17, 2003

Quick-straw cups  QuickStraw Cup

The Quick-straw cups are great. My complaint is that after my cat got ahold of the straw and chewed it off I could not find replacement straws anywhere. The cost of the cups are ridiculous if you can't replace the straws.

-- Tia
-- September 18, 2003

Great Cups!  QuickStraw Cup

Wonderful cups for travel and everyday home use. They are easy to clean and come in bright colors and cool designs. They don't leak and my kids love to drink from them. The handy 12oz size keeps me from having to fill them up so often.

-- Anonymous
-- December 7, 2003

Quick Straw  QuickStraw Cup

The product was a great solution for my child. He needs to drink plenty of fluids but he keeps chewing the straws off. Where can you find a replacment?

-- Anonymous (Profession: CA)
-- January 30, 2004

Source for replacements  QuickStraw Cup

Very handy cups, although sometimes the valve will leak if the pressure is just right. I have found straw replacements at teebop.com.

-- Quinn (Profession: Homemaker)
-- July 27, 2004

Replacement straws  QuickStraw Cup

I am very happy with the cups. A great way for a cup on the go for the little older kids. Very hard to find replacement straws.

-- Mom (Profession: Mom)
-- August 27, 2004

  QuickStraw Cup

Replacement straws are available at www.teebop.com. I got this information by calling Playtex directly. I love the cups too but hated not getting replacement straws. Playtex says there is too little consumer demand for the straws in stores. I don't agree but...

-- anne (Profession: mom)
-- December 9, 2003

I have replacement straws!!  QuickStraw Cup

I have replacement straws! They are good for both the Playtex cups and Nuby/Luv n' Care cups. Please visit my site, www.goodforthekids.com, to see what I have available. I'm a stay-at-home mom with a new online store for moms & teachers. I look forward to helping you out!

-- GoodfortheKids.com (Profession: eCommerce website)
-- October 29, 2006

Also Recommended: http://www.GoodfortheKids.com

My kids love it  QuickStraw Cup

Even though it isn't spillproof, it is still a great product. It's the only sippy cup my daughter would use when she first went off the bottle. Now both kids (2 1/2 & 15 mos) use them. I even keep two in my car - just in case. I also had problems finding replacement straws, but just found them at teebop.com.

-- Mamafisch
-- December 22, 2003

  QuickStraw Cup

-- Anonymous
-- June 17, 2005

Nicest in a long time  QuickStraw Cup

-- Anonymous
-- June 17, 2005

Replacement straws  QuickStraw Cup

I have found them on Ebay and needed to get only a few straws. I found a seller (innerchildtoyz) who sells them in singles or sets and shipping is reasonable plus they offer discounts on shipping when I purchased 6 (50% savings on shipping). It was a easy transaction and have referred some other mothers to this seller and they are also satisfied.

-- Chilelicker (Profession: Mother of two great kids!)
-- August 31, 2005

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More Photographs - QuickStraw Cup

QuickStraw Cup

End of More Photographs - QuickStraw Cup

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