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Dandelion Root (Certified Organic) - 450 mg
Used by European Herbalists For Centuries! *
100 capsules

Dandelion Root (Certified Organic) - 450 mg

More Photographs below.
Chinese researchers were able to show that dandelion restores three different types of immune functions! *
A harmful natural substance has been shown to be inhibited by dandelion! *

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ZIN Product Number: 517640
Size: 100 capsules
Weight: 0.18 lbs (0.08 KG)
Size (inches): 1.77" X 1.77" X 3.86"
Size (cm): 4.5 cm X 4.5 cm X 9.8 cm


Ingredients: Dandelion (450 mg) (Root) (Certified Organic)

Other Ingredients: Gelatin, Water

Description - Research and Analysis

Taraxacum officinale Weber ex Wigg.

Family: Asteraceae.

Other Names: Pissenlit, dent de lion (French); Gemeiner Löwenzahn (German); taraxaco (Italian); diente de leon (Spanish).

Description: Dandelion is a leafy perennial herb with a fleshy taproot and a rosette of markedly toothed leaves. Solitary yellow flower heads are borne on hollow, unbranched stalks. The small brown fruits (achenes) each has a hairy "parachute" for wind dispersal. All parts of the plant exude a bitter, milky juice when cut or broken. The common dandelion is actually a complicated mixture of microspecies and races that are difficult to identify (the name T. officinale is loosely applied to the species complex as a whole). Dandelion is a corruption of dent de lion (lion's tooth) in reference to the sharp teeth on the leaves.

Origin: All parts of the northern hemisphere (now a cosmopolitan weeds); widely cultivated for salad, but health product comes mainly from eastern Europe.

Parts Used: The fresh or dried leaves, roots, or both (Taraxaci radix cum herba). The young leaves are eaten as a salad (traditionally a "spring salad" in Europe), while roots collected in autumn (when rich in inulin) are dried and roasted as a coffee substitute.

Therapeutic Category: Diuretic, bitter tonic.

Uses and Properties: Dandelion is mainly used as a diuretic but it is also an appetite-stimulating bitter tonic, thought to be useful to help support stomach, liver, gallbladder and rheumatic complaints; it is applied externally for skin irritations and other skin complaints. Because of the high inulin content dandelion tea can useful for patients with blood sugar level concerns.

Preparation and Dosage: A dose of 4 - 10 g of the herb is taken as infusion or liquid extract three times per-day.

Active Ingredients: The main constituents are sesquiterpene lactones (tetrahydroridentin B, taraxacolide beta-D-glucoside, and others), aphenolic acid derivative (taraxacoside) and triterpenoids (taraxasterol and derivatives). Also present are high levels of potassium (up to 4.5%) and inulin (up to 40% in autumn).

Health Effects: There is some experimental evidence for the diuretic (reflected in the French common name!) and cholagogic activities (linked to the bitter sesqui- and triterpenoids). Extracts showed moderate anti-inflammatory activity.

Warning: Repeated exposure to the milky latex may cause contact dermatitis.

Status: Traditional health; Pharm.; Comm. E+; ESCOP 2.


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Take 1 capsule, 3 times daily, with meals.


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More Photographs - Dandelion Root (Certified Organic) - 450 mg

Dandelion Root (Certified Organic) - 450 mg

End of More Photographs - Dandelion Root (Certified Organic) - 450 mg

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Information provided at ZooScape.com relies partly on Traditional Uses. The essence of the current American rule on Traditional Uses is, as stated by FTC, "Claims based on historical or traditional use should be substantiated by confirming scientific evidence, or should be presented in such a way that consumers understand that the sole basis for the claim is a history of use of the product for a particular purpose."

See: FTC - Dietary Supplements: An Advertising Guide for Industry

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