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Periwinkle (Vinpocetine) - 10 mg
An Excellent Support For Memory Loss and Mental Impairment. *
100 capsules

Periwinkle (Vinpocetine) - 10 mg

More Photographs below.
Known to improve blood supply going to the brain, can increase glucose and oxygen levels to the brain and more. *

wonderful product!
-- Anonymous

More Info continues below.
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ZIN Product Number: 512101
Size: 100 capsules
Weight: 0.22 lbs (0.10 KG)
Size (inches): 2.44" X 2.44" X 4.69"
Size (cm): 6.2 cm X 6.2 cm X 11.9 cm


Ingredients: Periwinkle (10 mg)

Other Ingredients: Gelatin, Water

Description - Research and Analysis

Periwinkle is no longer used to any extent as a traditional supportive, but is of more interest as a source material to extract pure alkaloids. The main alkaloid, vincamine, can be used to help support cerebral senility (dizziness, memory loss and other symptoms of old age) and several other cerebrovascular disorders.

Vinca minor L.

Family: Apocyanaceae.

Other Names: Common periwinkle; lesser periwinkle; petite pervenche (French); Kleines Immergrün (German); pervinca minore (Italian); vincapervinca menor (Spanish).

Description: The common periwinkle is a small herbaceous perennial that spreads with trailing branches. It has shiny, opposite leaves and attractive blue flowers. Greater periwinkle (V. major) is very similar but has larger flowers.

Origin: Europe (often in the vicinity of castles and old human settlements); commonly cultivated as an ornamental plant.

Parts Used: Leaves or aboveground parts (Vincae minoris folium); today mainly the isolated vincamine.

Therapeutic Category: Cerebral circulatory stimulant.

Preparation and Dosage: Due to potential side effects (leukocytopaenia, lymphocytopenia), the herb itself is rarely used. Vincamine is given orally (as a supplements) at a level of 40 - 60 mg per day.

Active Ingredients: The plant contains about thirty monoterpene indole alkaloids at a level of up to 1% of dry weight (wild plants), or up to 4% (in cultivation). Vincamine is the major constituent and represents about 10% of the total alkaloids. A bitter principal vincine, is also present, together with phenolic compounds.

Health Effects: Extracts showed hypotensive, spasmolytic, hypoglycaemic, immune-stimulant, cytotoxic, and analgesic properties. Animal and human studies have shown that vincamine reduces the blood pressure, and helps support the increase blood flow to the brain and thus the oxygen and glucose supply.

Notes: Vincamine has a low bioavailability, so that slow-release formulations have been developed. The alkaloid is nowadays largely produced through semisynthesis from tabersonine, an alkaloid extracted from the seeds of the tropical African Voacanga africana and V. thouarsii. The term "vinca alkaloids" usually refers to the alkaloids obtained from Madagascar periwinkle (Catharanthus roseus previously known as Vinca rosea).

Status: Traditional and modern health: vincamine.


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Take 1 capsule, 3 times daily, with meals.


Side effects from oral use of Periwinkle have been slight and usually disappear after taking the supplement for awhile or after discontinuing use.

Some people noted a brief drop in blood pressure or faster heart rate after starting this supplement.

Periwinkle has not been found to interact with other drugs.

Safety in young children, pregnant or nursing women, or those with severe liver or kidney disease is not known.


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wonderful product!  Periwinkle (Vinpocetine) - 10 mg

-- Anonymous
-- June 17, 2005

  Our Price: $11.97 US
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Periwinkle (Vinpocetine) - 10 mg


Periwinkle (Vinpocetine) Powder


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More Photographs - Periwinkle (Vinpocetine) - 10 mg

Periwinkle (Vinpocetine) - 10 mg

End of More Photographs - Periwinkle (Vinpocetine) - 10 mg

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