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Yucca Root - 450 mg
A Long History As A Folk Remedy. *
100 capsules

Yucca Root - 450 mg

More Photographs below.
Traditionally used to help support inflammation, joint pain and much more. *

Excellent product
"This product acts exactly like it's south American relative, (Cassava). I find that it works better than my prescription meds in relieving my Arthritis pains. It also is a fabulous energy booster."  -- McGuiver (Self Employed)

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  Our Price: $17.79 US
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ZIN Product Number: 511500
Size: 100 capsules
Weight: 0.18 lbs (0.08 KG)
Size (inches): 1.77" X 1.77" X 3.86"
Size (cm): 4.5 cm X 4.5 cm X 9.8 cm


Ingredients: Yucca (450 mg)

Other Ingredients: Gelatin, Water

Description - Research and Analysis

The sweet-tasting but somewhat bland root of the yucca plant supports the liver and stomach with its abundance of steroidal saponins. The anti-inflammatory and antirheumatic actions make this herb effective in the support for joint pain, and other disorders characterized by pain and stiffness of the joints. Yucca root is also known to have laxative and alterative properties as well.

Yucca has a long history of use both as a food and health by the Southwest desert Natives. Its principal and most outstanding use is for the support of joint pains. One-fourth ounce of the dried root is boiled in a pint of water for fifteen minutes and taken in three or four doses throughout the day.

Yucca can occasionally be purgative and cause some intestinal cramping. For this reason it is good to combine it with other complementary antirheumatic herbs such as ginger and prickly ash bark. There is some question whether long-term daily use will slow the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins.


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Take 1 capsule, 3 times daily, with meals.


Long term use may impair assimilation of fat soluble vitamins, such as Vitamins A, D and E.


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Excellent product  Yucca Root - 450 mg

This product acts exactly like it's south American relative, (Cassava). I find that it works better than my prescription meds in relieving my Arthritis pains. It also is a fabulous energy booster.

-- McGuiver (Profession: Self Employed)
-- September 29, 2005

  Yucca Root - 450 mg

This is my second time to order from zooscape. my first experience was great.

-- Greek (Profession: Contractor)
-- April 1, 2007

  Our Price: $17.79 US
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Yucca Root - 450 mg


Yucca Root Powder


Yucca Root Powder


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More Photographs - Yucca Root - 450 mg

Yucca Root - 450 mg

End of More Photographs - Yucca Root - 450 mg

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Products are intended to support general well being and are not intended to treat, diagnose, mitigate, prevent, or cure any condition or disease. If conditions persist, please seek advice from your medical doctor.
Information provided at ZooScape.com relies partly on Traditional Uses. The essence of the current American rule on Traditional Uses is, as stated by FTC, "Claims based on historical or traditional use should be substantiated by confirming scientific evidence, or should be presented in such a way that consumers understand that the sole basis for the claim is a history of use of the product for a particular purpose."

See: FTC - Dietary Supplements: An Advertising Guide for Industry

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