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Hormeel S (Ormeel)
Brand New Formulation Regulates the Female Menstrual Cycle. *
1 fl oz

Currently not available for purchase.

Hormeel S (Ormeel)

More Photographs below.
Based upon 100 years of therapeutic experience. *
Heel antihomotoxic combinations are scientifically measured and rigorously tested in Germany. *
Heel medication offers bodily support by activating the body's own forces of immunity and resistance. *

great product
"Dr. Julia Scalise recommended this for my PCOS. I love it. "  -- denise (business owner)

More Info continues below.


ZIN Product Number: 418766
Size: 1 fl oz
Weight: 0.15 lbs (0.07 KG)
Size (inches): 1.69" X 1.69" X 3.78"
Size (cm): 4.3 cm X 4.3 cm X 9.6 cm

Traditional Uses:
Menstruation Problems, Infertility, Endocrine Disorders, Sterility Support

Manufacturer: Heel

Ingredients: Ignatia Amara (6 X) (5 mL), Thlaspi Bursa Pastoris (3 X) (5 mL), Nux Moschata (6 X) (10 mL), Pulsatilla (4 X) (5 mL), Viburnum Opulus (3 X) (5 mL), Calcarea Carbonica (8 X) (10 mL), Senecio Fuchsii (6 X) (5 mL), Erigeron Canadensis (3 X) (5 mL), Moschus (6 X) (5 mL), Sepia (6 X) (5 mL), Cyclamen Europaeum (4 X) (5 mL), Cypripedium Purbescebs (8 X) (10 mL), Origanum Majorana (4 X) (10 mL), Nitricum Acidum (4 X) (5 mL), Agrimony (450 mg), Aquilegia Vulgaris (4 X) (10 mL)

Other Ingredients: Alcohol Content (30%-40%)

Description - Research and Analysis

Hormeel SN is a specially formulated naturopathic blend that is effective in supporting any functional disturbance of the female cycle,potential support for sterility, and to regulate the function of the endocrine glands.

Hormeel SN is a brand new product with a new formulation that serves as a replacement for the, now discontinued, Hormeel S product.

Heel Combination Preparations

In order to obtain a preparation which is highly effective on the one hand, yet low in risk and side effects on the other, the expedient solution was to unite a number of various supportives and naturopathically single-ingredient medications and naturopathically adjusted allopathic medications within one single combination preparation.

Through the multiplicity of constituents within Compositae preparations, a broad, in-depth therapeutic effect is achieved. The basis for this are the various points of action at which the constituent medications develop their efficacy.

Aquilegia Vulagaris (Columbine, Granny's Bonnet)

General Herb Information

This is one of those charming plants which seems to epitomize the true country cottage garden. Quaint spurred flowers in a range of colours from white, through pink to deep purple are held on wiry stems above maiden-hair leaves. However common they are, columbines never cease to be a delight.

Yet in spite of this simple image the plant contains glycosides and alkaloids which are extremely poisonous to man, although it has been used homoeopathically and, quoting Joseph Miller, "The leaves are used in Gargarisms (gargles) for sore mouths, and inflammations of the mouth and throat". But as no one is likely to eat it there need be little concern.

For herb garden ornament aquilegias can be sown in situ one year and they will flower the next. A better use of the space, however, is to sow a short nursery row and put them out in their flowering quarters, preferably in semi-shade, in late autumn rather as one would wallflowers or polyanthuses. Immediate deadheading will prolong flowering from May into July and fight the exuberant seeding which can be a nuisance amongst more delicate things.


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Adults: In general, 10 drops 3 times daily.


100 mL contains:

Nitricum acidum D4 - 5 mL
  • Erigeron canadensis D3 - 5 mL
  • Viburnum opulus D3 - 5 mL
  • Pulsatilla D4 - 5 mL
  • Sepia D6 - 5 mL
  • Cyclamen europaeum D4 - 5 mL
  • Ignatia amara D6 - 5 mL
  • Calcarea carbonica D8 - 10 mL
  • Aquilegia vulgaris D4 - 10 mL
  • Origanum majorana D4 - 10 mL
  • Nux moschata D6 - 10 mL
  • Contains 35 vol.-% alcohol.




    Additional Information

    Did you know...
    • that Heel medications are based on homotoxicology, which bridges the gap between conventional health and homeopathy?
    • that many clinical studies and basic research have confirmed the efficacy of Heel medications?
    • that Heel is the leading seller of naturopathic medications in Germany, the only health company offering antihomotoxic products, and the top producer of injectable naturopathic medications (70 million ampules per year)?
    • that Heel provides continuing education for health-care professionals throughout the world?
    • that Heel employs more then 800 people worldwide?
    • that Heel has affiliates and representatives in more than 50 countries?
    • that seventy percent of all patients prefer natural supporters?
    • that fifty percent of the licensed physicians in Germany prescribe naturopathic health approachs on a regular basis?
    "Every health problem is a meaningful defensive measure on the part of the body, an attempt to compensate for damage caused by homotoxins. Therefore, supporting the body's antihomotoxic (toxin-reducing) efforts is the most effective and well-tolerated approach."
    -Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg, M. D.


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    Number of Reviews: 6    Average Rating: 4.5

    great product  Hormeel S (Ormeel)

    Dr. Julia Scalise recommended this for my PCOS. I love it.

    -- denise (Profession: business owner)
    -- September 8, 2004

      Hormeel S (Ormeel)

    Great product.. will buy again

    -- TomV (Profession: Technician)
    -- October 13, 2004

      Hormeel S (Ormeel)

    ...the product I ordered works great and I am very satisfied with Hormeel S. Thanks!

    -- Chantelle
    -- December 7, 2006

    GREAT SUBSTITUTE FOR HRT  Hormeel S (Ormeel)

    I had a total hysterectomy because of severe pelvic pain and started taking Hormeel as directed 1 month before the surgery and will contiue to take it. The doctor did not recommend taking any kind of hormone replacement therapy, and even black cohosh can make the pelvic pain flare up again.

    It's been six months since the surgery and aside from a hotflash once in a great while, I don't have any of the symptoms of menopause that a lot of women complain about, and I feel totally free now! I also take this in conjunction with Klimakt-Heel. These two products seem to really do the trick for me.

    -- Annie (Profession: Guidance Counselor)
    -- April 2, 2007

    Great!  Hormeel S (Ormeel)

    -- Anonymous
    -- June 17, 2005

    Thank You!  Hormeel S (Ormeel)

    -- Anonymous
    -- June 17, 2005

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    More Photographs - Hormeel S (Ormeel)

    Hormeel S (Ormeel)

    End of More Photographs - Hormeel S (Ormeel)

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    Information provided at ZooScape.com relies partly on Traditional Uses. The essence of the current American rule on Traditional Uses is, as stated by FTC, "Claims based on historical or traditional use should be substantiated by confirming scientific evidence, or should be presented in such a way that consumers understand that the sole basis for the claim is a history of use of the product for a particular purpose."

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