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Onion Pure Essential Oil
by Bianca Rosa
0.5 oz

Onion Pure Essential Oil

More Photographs below.
General Herb Information
*Note: Onion Pure Essential Oil is not to be taken internally.

Onions are so common in cookery that they can be overlooked in the pharmacy. But onion, like its close herbal relative, garlic, can do mor... *

Thank you!
-- Anonymous

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ZIN Product Number: 305638
Size: 0.50 oz
Weight: 0.11 lbs (0.05 KG)
Size (inches): 0.98" X 0.98" X 2.56"
Size (cm): 2.5 cm X 2.5 cm X 6.5 cm


Description - Research and Analysis

General Herb Information
*Note: Onion Pure Essential Oil is not to be taken internally.

Onions are so common in cookery that they can be overlooked in the pharmacy. But onion, like its close herbal relative, garlic, can do more than flavor soups and stews and bring tears to your eyes.

Potential Health Benefits

Onion is okayed to restore appetite and for the prevention of arteriosclerosis. Onion can thin the blood and prevent clotting, helping to lower blood pressure. Onions are high in helpful fiber and low in calories.

Scientific Evidence

The sulfur compound in onions is credited for the plant's beneficial effects on the blood. Onion also has disinfectant qualities. Onions are exceptionally good sources of a helpful bioflavonoid called quercetin. In Asia, researchers theorize that quercetin helps support healthy vision.

American herbalist James A. Duke, Ph.D., alludes to a scientific study that found onions and garlic extracts to be useful against chronic asthma. Duke also writes that the quercetin in onions is helpful for "supporting immunity, thinning the blood, lowering blood pressure, and supporting asthma and pain." Duke endorses onions themselves over quercetin supplements sold in health food stores to combat hay fever and asthma, on the grounds that whole foods are the best medicine.

How to Use the Herb (*Note: Not applicable to essential oils which are for topical use only!)

Fresh, dried, as juice, or as syrup. The average daily dose is 50 grams of fresh onions or 20 grams of dried onions, according to Commission E.

The PDR Family Guide to Natural Medicines and Healing Therapies, for its part, recommends 4-5 teaspoonfuls daily of tincture or 4-5 tablespoonfuls daily of onion syrup.

As pot herbs, vegetables, medicines and garden ornaments the onions have much to offer. Varying in height from a few inches to a few feet the growth pattern is distinctive; linear, often inflated leaves, from which a hollow stem arises to carry a spherical head of small flowers. Many are most beautiful bulbous plants and though this description does not apply to those of most use herbally, as herb associates they are admirable.

All onions when bruised have the typical smell of their tribe, though some of the flowers are charmingly perfumed; and hence, could be used as flavouring but one feels to eat some would be almost akin to gobbling down larks' tongues. Among the most attractive for herb garden use are A. schubertii and A. christophii with melon-sized spheres of flowers on 2-foot high stems. When the starry flowers open, purple and pink respectively, the effect is of a firework preserved in mid-explosion. They look particularly well with lavenders and santolinas and other grey-leaved shrublets. The smaller A. narcissiflorum and A. pulchellum, to continue the image, are at the stage when the cascade of stars begins to fall to earth. All these and many other ornamental onions flowers are excellent as part of dried arrangements.

Onion, Common
Allium cepa L.

Medicinal Usage

The fresh bulb and the juice of the onion were valued for their antibiotic properties, and were eaten regularly to ward off coughs, colds and respiratory infections. They were also used for insomnia, indigestion and lethargy, and to strengthen the heart. A freshly sliced onion was prescribed to help relieve insects stings, and promote hair growth. Culpeper said that "onions are good for cold watery humours, but injurious to persons of bilious habit, affecting the head, eyes and stomach."


Like the leek and garlic (also of the Allium species), onions were extremely popular throughout the Middle Ages, being particularly valued for their appetizing flavour and aroma. Onions were not only eaten raw or cooked as a vegetable, they were also used in salads, soups, stews, sauces and many other dishes. The bulbs were dried or pickled.


One of the earliest plants to be cultivated, onions were valued by many ancient civilizations, including the Indians, Chinese, Sumerians, Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. Today there are many varieties of onions, differing not only in colour and size, but also in pungency and smell. Although the origins of onions are obscure, some of their botanical names derive from the places where they were commonly grown: the shallot Allium ascalonium, for instance, comes from Ascalon in Palestine, from where it was brought to England by the Crusaders. The name is thought to be derived from the Latin for 'one large pearl'. In medieval times onions were reputed to have the power to ward off snakes and witches, as well as to absorb infection from the plague. Gerard said that they were "good against the biting of a mad dog." Those who placed an onion under their pillow were said to dream of their future partner. The skins of onions yield dyes ranging in colour from yellow to golden brown. The plant was listed by Aelfric.


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All pure essential oils should be used with care. Do not apply directly into skin. A 2% dilution of essential oils to a base of carrier oil or lotion is recommended for all skincare and massage preparations.


100% Pure Oat Essential Oil


Avoid contact with sensitive areas, such as eyes. Citrus oils are photosensitive and should not be applied prior to sun exposure. During pregnancy, use only with advise from a trained aromatherapist. For external use only. Keep all bottles out of reach of children.

You can get an upset stomach from eating lots of onions, and, of course, anti-social breath. Other than that, there are no known side effects, contraindications, or drug interactions.

Label Information

USAGE: Add 1-3 drops of Bianca Rosa® essential oil to every 5 mL (1 tsp.) of carrier oil for massage or skin care needs. Add 5-15 drops (depending on strength desired) to bath water. Add a few drops of oil to a water-filled spray bottle to create a refreshing room spray, or add to diffusers to create warm room scent. CAUTIONS: Always do a test patch when applying oils to the skin (particularly citrus oils) to determine if itching, soreness, or redness develop. Store away from heat and light. Keep away from eyes, nose, and mouth. Bianca Rosa® essential oils are for EXTERNAL USE ONLY.

Additional Information

Essential Oils by Bianca Rosa are 100% Pure Natural Essences derived from the highest quality fruits, flowers, leaves, spices, herbs and roots. Our essential oil distillers and growers are located around the world, operating ethically, organically and chemical-free.

Bianca Rosa Essential Oils Are Not Tested On Animals.


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Number of Reviews: 2    Average Rating: 4.0

Thank you!  Onion Pure Essential Oil

-- Anonymous
-- June 17, 2005

Wonderful Product!  Onion Pure Essential Oil

-- Anonymous
-- June 17, 2005

  Our Price: $27.60 US
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More Photographs - Onion Pure Essential Oil

Onion Pure Essential Oil

End of More Photographs - Onion Pure Essential Oil

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