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Sandalwood East Indian Pure Essential Oil
by Bianca Rosa
0.5 oz

Currently not available for purchase.

Sandalwood East Indian Pure Essential Oil

More Photographs below.
The base-note scent of sandalwood is soft, woody, sweet, earthy, balsamic, and tenacious. It has an odor intensity of about three out of five. Blending companions include florals, spices, geranium, vetiver, patchouli, and coriander. For medicinal usa... *

At Last - The Real Thing
"A few years ago a friend of mine brought a vial of Sandalwood Oil back from India.

I totally loved it and it became the scent I wear instead of cologne. When my supply started to get low, I tried to replace it and found many things that claime..."  -- Steven (Songwriter/Video Editor)

More Info continues below.


ZIN Product Number: 305129
Size: 0.50 oz
Weight: 0.13 lbs (0.06 KG)
Size (inches): 0.98" X 0.98" X 2.56"
Size (cm): 2.5 cm X 2.5 cm X 6.5 cm

Traditional Uses:
Acne, Melancholy, Diarrhea (Diarrhoea), Nervous System Health, Varicose Veins / Varicosities Support, Eczema (Dermatitis), Scabies Support, Bronchitis, Dermatitis, Laryngitis, Lice

Manufacturer: RedSafari

Ingredients: Sandalwood Oil

Symptoms: Coughing, Insomnia, Stress / Anxiety, Sore Throat, Nausea, Catarrh, Dandruff

Description - Research and Analysis

The base-note scent of sandalwood is soft, woody, sweet, earthy, balsamic, and tenacious. It has an odor intensity of about three out of five. Blending companions include florals, spices, geranium, vetiver, patchouli, and coriander. For medicinal usage, the oil can be used as a sedative, genito-urinary, and respiratory tonic; it also soothes dry skin. For emotional well-being, the oil is used to uplift spirit and psyche; for grounding and meditation; to ease obsessive worry and attachment; and for the intellectually over-driven. The sandalwood tree takes forty years to develop its fragrance, which is distilled from the center heartwood. Revered as sacred, this wood was used to build temples. Its scent lulled worshippers into a state of devotional bliss while the essential oil acted as a natural insecticide to deter a multitude of tropical bugs from disrupting services.

(Santalum album)

Plant Family



East Indian sandalwood, Mysore sandalwood, sanders-wood.

Description and Distribution

An evergreen semi-parasitic tree which grows on the roots of other trees during the first seven years of its life, causing the hosts to die. It takes about 30 years to attain its maximum height of about 40-50 feet (12-15 m). The tree is native to tropical Asia, especially Mysore in India where the highest quality oil is produced.

Extraction Method

Steam distillation of the roots and heartwood.

Nature of the Oil

A yellowish liquid with a soft, sweet, balsamic aroma of excellent, tenacity. The odour effect is calming and anti-melancholy. A reputed aphrodisiac.

Main Constituents

Santalols, fusanols, borneol, santalone.


Antidepressant, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic (urinary and pulmonary), antispasmodic, astringent, bactericidal, carminative, cicatrisant, diuretic,-expectorant, insecticidal, sedative, tonic.

Aromatherapeutic Support

Skin care (most skin types), acne, cracked and chapped skin, respiratory ailments, laryngitis, nausea, insomnia, pre-menstrual syndrome, melancholy, stress-related concerns.

Blends Well With

Bergamot, cedarwood, coriander, cypress, frankincense, juniper berry, jasmine, lavender, patchouli, pine, rose, ylang ylang, vetiver.

Sanadalwood Tree
Santalum album L.

Family: Dantalaceae.

Other Names: Santal blanc (French); Weißer Sandelbaum (German); sandalo (Italian); leño de santalo citrino (Spanish).

Description: An evergreen, semi-parasitic tree of up to 10 m in height, with pointed green leaves, small yellowish flowers and dark purple berries. It should not be confused with red sandalwood (Pterocarpus santalinus; Fabaceae), a traditional source of red dye.

Origin: India (both S. album and P. santalinus). Trees of both species are cultivated to some extent in India and in Southeast Asia.

Parts Used: Wood from the trunk or branches, known as white sandalwood (Santali lignum albi), or the essential oil distilled from the wood. The bark, known as chandanam in Sanskrit, is also used in Ayurvedic medicine. In the case of red sandalwood (Santali lignum rubri), only the dark-coloured heartwood is used.

Therapeutic Category: Urological.

Uses and Properties: White sandalwood is used to treat infections of the lower urinary tract, especially bladder health concerns. Extracts of the wood (or the bark) is used topically to treat skin and internally as a cooling medicine to cure dizziness, chest complaints and indigestion. The essential oil is used in aromatherapy against nervous disorders and as antispasmodic. Red sandalwood is a traditional diuretic, anti-diarrhoeal and stomachic but in modern times, it is used only as a natural dye to colour herbal mixtures and toothpaste.

Preparation and Dosage: Infusions or decoctions of wood chips are taken. A total daily dose of 10 - 20 g is recommended. The oil should not be taken internally in its natural state. When used for the support of urological problems, it should be enclosed in a resistant coating that can withstand gastric juices. Taken in this way, the daily dose is 1 - 1.5 g.

Active Ingredients: White sandalwood is rich in essential oil (about 5%) that contains the sesquiterpene alcohols alpha-santalol and beta-santalol as main compounds. Red sandalwood contains two red pigments (benzoxanthenone derivatives; santalin A,B).

Pharmacological Effects: Known disinfectant and spasmolytic properties of the drug can be attributed to the lipophilic sesquiterpenes. Today, antibiotics have widely replaced the drug.

Status: Traditional medicine; Comm. E+.


User Group Forum
Share your questions and information with the ZooScape community!
michelle - May 31, 2008, 16:03#10001721
QuestionIt's a bit misleading to imply that the Indian government is restricting the export of sandlewood oil from their trees to make it more expensive when the real reason is that: SANDLEWOOD TREES ARE ENDANGERED!!!

It is therefore, irresponsible for anyone to buy this oil until the species are safe.

I don't think you'll post my comment, but you should think about the consequences of yet another species of plant life wiped out on our home, Earth.
ZooScape Moderator - October 22, 2008, 14:50#10001791
Sandalwood is certainly an endangered species. The main problem is the illegal harvest and smuggling of trees out of India. The legal harvest of sandalwood trees is carefully and strictly controlled by the Indian and Nepalese governments to ensure the resurgence of Sandalwood in the years to come. New controlled plantations are being created in Tamilnadu under the auspices of international aid organizations to encourage responsible harvesting. It is indeed a complex situation.
Anonymous - April 25, 2006, 02:02#10000155
QuestionJust found a 1/4 POUND 100 year old pharmacy bottle of distiller sealed 'British' sandalwood oil that had been stored in an attic in cool upstate California for its entire life. 'British' meaning imported from British Occupied India! Aged indian sandalwood at about $10 an ounce! The seller thought the bottle was worth its value as a pharmaceutical novelty, not knowing how precious what was inside...can't wait to open it.
ZooScape Moderator - April 26, 2006, 12:13#10001304
Very lucky! What a find! Sandalwood essential oil - the real thing - is very rare and expensive, and of the two types, Australian and Indian, Indian is the more valuble! To someone unfamiliar with the current market value of pure Indian sandalwood essential oils, the prices might throw them a little bit. However, due to the fact that the Indian government is placing tighter regulations on its production and export, it's getting more expensive all the time! It would be interesting to see how one of our TerraVita Indian sandalood oils (unadulterated, undiluted, non-synthetic) would stack up with a 100 year-old version. As the collective wisdom suggests that these oils only get better with age, I'd have to concede that yours would be superior - how superior? Unfortunately, I'll probably never know! ;)

Sandalwood oil has been used in aromatherapy for lifting melancholic spirits, to enhance meditation and breathing, to heal the skin, for respiratory complaints, to reduce anxiety and stress, to aid insomnia and induce peaceful sleep, and as an aphrodisiac.



All pure essential oils should be used with care. Do not apply directly into skin. A 2% dilution of essential oils to a base of carrier oil or lotion is recommended for all skincare and massage preparations.


100% Pure Sandalwood Essential Oil


Generally regarded as non-irritant and non-sensitising. However, it has been known to cause contact dermatitis when applied to the skin neat. Occasionally, the oil known as West Indian sandalwood (Amyris balsaniifera) is sold as an inexpensive alternative to Mysore sandalwood. However, Amyris bears no relation to true sandalwood oil. It has an inferior musky-woody aroma of poor tenacity. Moreover, the oil should be regarded as potentially risky, for it has not undergone formal testing on humans.

Label Information

USAGE: Add 1-3 drops of Bianca Rosa® essential oil to every 5 mL (1 tsp.) of carrier oil for massage or skin care needs. Add 5-15 drops (depending on strength desired) to bath water. Add a few drops of oil to a water-filled spray bottle to create a refreshing room spray, or add to diffusers to create warm room scent. CAUTIONS: Always do a test patch when applying oils to the skin (particularly citrus oils) to determine if itching, soreness, or redness develop. Store away from heat and light. Keep away from eyes, nose, and mouth. Bianca Rosa® essential oils are for EXTERNAL USE ONLY.

Additional Information

Essential Oils by Bianca Rosa are 100% Pure Natural Essences derived from the highest quality fruits, flowers, leaves, spices, herbs and roots. Our essential oil distillers and growers are located around the world, operating ethically, organically and chemical-free.

Bianca Rosa Essential Oils Are Not Tested On Animals.


ZooScape Reviews!

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Number of Reviews: 3    Average Rating: 4.7

At Last - The Real Thing  Sandalwood East Indian Pure Essential Oil

A few years ago a friend of mine brought a vial of Sandalwood Oil back from India.

I totally loved it and it became the scent I wear instead of cologne. When my supply started to get low, I tried to replace it and found many things that claimed to be Sandalwood Oil but were faint echoes of the real thing.

I despaired of ever finding that magic aroma, however, I just recieved my vial of oil from Red Safari and it is absolutely intoxicating.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. I'm a customer for life!

Steve Komen
Los Angeles, CA

-- Steven (Profession: Songwriter/Video Editor)
-- August 14, 2003

shatsky  Sandalwood East Indian Pure Essential Oil

great sandalwood and great customer service...traditional sandalwood pure oil. not the watered down kind you get these days!

-- scott
-- November 30, 2005

great value!  Sandalwood East Indian Pure Essential Oil

-- Anonymous
-- June 17, 2005

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More Photographs - Sandalwood East Indian Pure Essential Oil

Sandalwood East Indian Pure Essential Oil

End of More Photographs - Sandalwood East Indian Pure Essential Oil

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