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Bianca Rosa Cellulite Cream
Real long-lasting cellulite solution! ZooScape Exclusive! *
120 mL

Currently not available for purchase.

Bianca Rosa Cellulite Cream

More Photographs below.
We are proud to introduce the first comprehensive long-lasting cellulite cream! Bianca Rosa Cellulite Cream combines clinically proven effective ingredients such as Wild Yam, Cola Species, plant proteins, and Collagen. Their integrated action is enha... *

Bianca Rosa Cellulite Cream
"The product appears to be rather watery in texture so its not easy to work with it. Also the amount is rather small, the bottle should be a bit larger.
As to results they are very good, cellulite appears to be diminishing. "  -- Halida (ICHB Hair & Beauty / Msc Human Nutrition)

More Info continues below.


ZIN Product Number: 101987
Size: 120 mL
Weight: 0.29 lbs (0.13 KG)
Size (inches): 1.77" X 1.57" X 6.10"
Size (cm): 4.5 cm X 4.0 cm X 15.5 cm

Bianca Rosa

Description - Research and Analysis

We are proud to introduce the first comprehensive long-lasting cellulite cream! Bianca Rosa Cellulite Cream combines clinically proven effective ingredients such as Wild Yam, Cola Species, plant proteins, and Collagen. Their integrated action is enhanced by a rich Aloe Vera penetrating agent.

But the story continues! Bianca Rosa Cellulite Cream also contains Aosa seaweed extract - its strong permeability improves blood circulation, increases metabolism, and reduces localized fats. Aosa seaweed extract inhibits elastase activity, protecting skin protein fibers, collagen and elastase.

Bianca Rosa Cellulite Cream is 100% natural, non-toxic,non-irritating, risk-free, convenient and safe to use. But the best part is that our Cellulite Cream produces long-lasting results!

Quick Bianca Rosa Cellulite Cream Facts
  • Any woman with any body-type can have cellulite on thighs, buttocks and hips.
  • Cellulite is not necessary. If left untreated, it will get worse with age. Bianca Rosa Cellulite Cream is an excellent cellulite-inhibiting treatment.
  • Dieting and/or exercise alone cannot eliminate cellulite.
  • You will notice increased firmness in cellulite problem-areas after only four-twelve weeks of daily application of Bianca Rosa Cellulite Cream.


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    Collagen causes the production of enzymatic reactions, breaking down and metabolizing fats.

    Collagen binds the cells of connective tissue together. Collagen is necessary for the production of new cells and tissue. Collagen plays a role in the growth and repair of body tissue cells, blood vessels, bones and teeth.

    The skin is the body's largest organ, consisting of two layers: The uppermost layer, "epidermis", and the layer right beneath the epidermis, namely, "dermis". The epidermis controls cell and tissue water-loss, protecting the body from dehydrating. The dermis is comprised mostly of collagen. The collagen's network of protein fibers promotes the growth of blood vessels and cells, supporting the skin.

    Initially, the collagen's network of protein fibers is intact and the skin is moisturized and elastic. As we age, the collagen's support of the skin deteriorates and the skin loses its tone and elasticity.

    Bianca Rosa Cellulite Cream penetrates both the epidermis and dermis layers of the skin, addressing the primary cause of cellulite -the deteriorated dermis support layer of collagen.

    Iodine Salt
    This ingredient contributes to the production of enzymatic reactions which break down or metabolize fats.

    Iodine Salt stimulates thyroid function which, in turn, increases metabolism and burns fat. Iodine Salt has been used in various cosmetics for its soothing, softening, and toning effects.

    AOSA Seaweed Extracts
    Aosaine is an hydrolysate of seaweed proteins of the alga AOSA (Ulva Lactuca), composed of support polypeptides. The green seaweed AOSA lives in the rough waters of the Brehat Archipelago. Though very fragile in appearance, its thin sails withstand wave impetuosity thanks to the Aosaine network of elastic fibers, similiar to human elastin fibers. The AOSA frond is made up of only 2 layers of cells in which there is a plastid which forms the photoenergetic center of the seaweed.The elastic resistance of its cellular walls to hydrostatic pressure enables AOSA to withstand the weight of the water striking the rocks, sometimes with a pressure of over 25 t/m2. Aosaine preserves the integrity of the tissues from compression and tension and gives cohesion and strength to the cellular architecture even in an hypotonicextra cellular environment. Aosa is classified as one of the mostproductive seaweeds in terms of biomass thanks to its high performance energetic system.

    AOSA seaweed extract has a strong permiability which absorbs into the skin quickly, improving blood circulation, increasing metabolism, and discharging subcutaneous fat.

    AOSA seaweed extract inhibits elastase activity, which protects protein fibers, collagen and elastase.

    AOSA seaweed extract promotes cellular regeneration. A good cellular metabolism produces sufficient energy to activate the division of cells; the regenerating function preserves the epidermis from aging. With age or stress, exchanges between cells diminish and their metabolism is reduced, causing the sking to loose its vitality.

    In addition, like many of the other ingredients in Bianca Rosa Cellulite Cream, AOSA seaweed extract contributes to the production of enzymatic reactions which break down or metabolize fats.

    Organic Proteins
    This ingredient contributes to the production of enzymatic reactions which break down or metabolize fats.

    Natural Source Caffeine
    In stimulating the nervous system, caffeine blocks adenosine receptors. Caffeine has a similar structure to adenosine, but with greater electrophilic and nucleophilic functional groups than adenosine. This means that caffeine will fit adenosine receptors as well as adenosine itself will. This allows cyclic AMP to remain active rather than being broken down.

    Caffeine also inhibits phosphodiesterase. The phosphodiesterase class of enzymes includes various enzymes which are responsible for breaking down cyclic AMP, which deprives the body of energy. Caffeine tricks phosphodiesterase into attacking AMP instead, which in turn inhibits the breakdown of cyclic AMP.

    Topical administration of caffeine is preferable to oral administration in the treatment of cellulite, since its effects will be primarily local.

    Aloe Vera Moisturizer
    The use of Aloe Vera Moisturizer as the deep-skin penetration vehicle allows all of the other great ingredients of Bianca Rosa Cellulite Cream to maximize thier effectivness.

    Aloe vera also contributes to the production of enzymatic reactions which break down or metabolize fats.

    Guarana's role in our Cellulite Cream is to reduce waterformation under the skin.

    Wild Yam
    The world was shocked 40 years ago when an American scientist discovered a compound in the Mexican wild yam that was virtually identical to human compound used in several important steroid hormones.

    In order to produce steroid hormones, the body develops a precursor mother hormone called dehydroepiandrosterone("DHEA"). DHEA is very abundant in the body at an early age, and deteriorates as we get older. Research has shown that declining DHEA levels are linked many chronic diseases that comes with age, such as arthritis, cancer, heart disease, hair loss, skin wrinkling, loss of strength and decline in energy. These problems are most prevalent in women at menopause. Wild Yam thus gives us access to a natural source of DHEA.

    Additional Information

    Cellulite, that dreaded lumpiness, has been around for a long time. French physicians were addressing it over 150 years ago. Cellulite appears as a skin condition, but in fact it stems from subcutaneous tissue, the tissue between the skin and the muscle or bone. Cellulite has been described as having the appearance of a dimpled "orange peel" or a "lumpy mattress phenomenon". It occurs most often around the hips, buttocks, and thigh areas. However, cellulite can appear anywhere. It is associated with "fatness", but thin people can also develop cellulite. There is usually a tightness and greater tenderness over the affected areas.

    What causes cellulite?

    In his book, Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine, Dr. Michael T. Murray describes cellulite as a cosmetic defect; it is not a disease. There may be a heredity factor, but cellulite is so wide-spread that heredity is unlikely to be the driving factor. Cellulite is probably better described as a raised skin patch, resulting from an inability of the tissue beneath the skin to prevent its own fat cells from upward protrusion against the bottom of the actual skin layer. Over time, subcutaneous fat cells become overloaded, pushing upward against the subcutaneous fibrous web-like connective tissue mesh that normally retains these fat cells in their proper place. This connective tissue defect isdue most often to age-related connective tissue weakening. Men rarely develop cellulite because their subcutaneous tissue and dermis layer of the skin are endowed with greater amounts of fibrous connective tissue. Accordingly, women have softer, more tender skin than men. If women lose some of the youthful strength of their connective tissue, they become at much greater risk of developing cellulite; their subcutaneous fat cells find it easier to bulge, creating cellulite.

    The topical application of Bianca Rosa Cellulite Cream introduces certain substances which promote the removal of the toxins present in the fat cells. As the toxins are removed, the fat cells function normally and return to their normal size, and a reduction in cellulite is observed.

    Bianca Rosa Cellulite Cream combats cellulite by increasing circulation and decreasing water retention. Cellulite can also be addressed through a reduction in stress and the elimination of chemical additives from your diet.


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    Number of Reviews: 3    Average Rating: 3.3

    Bianca Rosa Cellulite Cream  Bianca Rosa Cellulite Cream

    The product appears to be rather watery in texture so its not easy to work with it. Also the amount is rather small, the bottle should be a bit larger.
    As to results they are very good, cellulite appears to be diminishing.

    -- Halida (Profession: ICHB Hair & Beauty / Msc Human Nutrition)
    -- August 18, 2003

    No Results At All  Bianca Rosa Cellulite Cream

    The Bianca Rosa Cellulite Lotion was very watery and I did not see any of the results that I normally see from other products. I am approxiamtely a size 4/6 and weigh approximately 128lbs and stand about 67 inches tall; therefore, I am not obese. I have two anti-cellulite lotions that I use alternately for a little dimpling on the back of my thighs. Both of these products work great, with wonderful visible results. I stopped using them to use the Bianca Rose for a few weeks and was very disappointed that there 'no' visible results. I followed the directions on the bottle with no success, I feel like I threw away money.

    -- Stephanie (Profession: Medical Professional)
    -- March 29, 2004

    A little goes a long way ... AMAZING PRODUCT !  Bianca Rosa Cellulite Cream

    Size is not everything and looks are not always what they appear. Product is very viscous however it makes it easy to apply a thin layer and it dries fast. After massaging this light fluid product onto the backs of the thighs and rear regions for 3 weeks, transformation is incredible. It helps to reduce consumption of red meat and pork from the diet and increase water intake to 8 or more glasses a day. Outstanding product.

    -- Emme (Profession: Medical)
    -- July 28, 2004

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    More Photographs - Bianca Rosa Cellulite Cream

    Bianca Rosa Cellulite Cream

    End of More Photographs - Bianca Rosa Cellulite Cream

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