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Quinine Bark (Red Cinchona)


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User Group Forum - Quinine Bark (Red Cinchona)
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melanie (florist) - August 14, 2007, 18:12#10001547
QuestionWhat is the difference between the Quinine Bark and Quinine Sulfate?
ZooScape Moderator - August 14, 2007, 18:15#10001548
Sulfates and hydrochlorides are salts that help deliver the active ingredient - like quinine or glucosamine, for example - to the body to be properly absorbed. Quinine sulfate or quinine hydrochloride are both salt forms of the alkaloid called 'quinine' which is derived from the bark of the quinine or cinchona tree.

So, quinine sulfate is like an extract of the bark, where the active alkaloid compound (quinine) is mixed with a vehicle (sulfate) to be absorbed by the body. (Similarily, glucosamine can be mixed with a sulfate or hydrochloride.)

There are already quinine alkaloids present in the raw bark, but we can't determine exactly how much. They exist within the natural balance of chemicals and buffers in the bark.
Roshan (Supplier) - June 11, 2008, 09:52#10001727
From Cinchona bark we get quinine and from quinine we get sulfate.
mihir1974 (Pharmaceutical Business In India) - May 16, 2008, 11:48#10001717
dear sir,their is losts of diffrence between quinine bark nad quinine sulphate. quinine bark is basic raw material for quinine sulphate. medicine made from quinine sulphate (it's finish product). the second name of quinine bark is cinchona bark which is natural product. u will get cinchona bark in big quantity form africa (congo). it's world biggest market. then india and north america.
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Quinine Bark (Red Cinchona) Tea (Loose)
Quinine Bark (Red Cinchona) Tea (Loose)
8 oz

$ 21.69 US
  • Correctly addresses anxiety, tension, digestion, discomfort, fever and on and on.

Great for touching up a gin and tonic
Make a tea and add it to taste to a regular Gin and Tonic. Very nice.  -- Robert


Quinine Bark (Red Cinchona) - 450 mg
Quinine Bark (Red Cinchona) - 450 mg
100 capsules

$ 16.16 US
 In Stock - Ships Right Now!

Traditionally used to help support digestion, pain, nervousness, anxiety, fever and much more.

Quinine bark
I buy it for a friend who suffers leg cramps at night. Guess it works great cause we re-ordered. Can't get it anywhere else. Zooscape is a company that sends out the product without delay. Cares about thier customers. &nb...


Quinine Bark (Red Cinchona) Powder
Quinine Bark (Red Cinchona) Powder
4 oz

$ 23.23 US
  • Relieves anxiousness, anxiety, fever, digestion, affliction, and lots more.

make tonic water
this product is good quality. thicker texture to minimize mess. can be used to make a great tonic base. Will do buy this hard to find item again from this manufacturer.  -- rita


Quinine Bark (Red Cinchona) Powder
Quinine Bark (Red Cinchona) Powder
1 oz

$ 12.41 US
  • Reduces digestion, nervousness, affliction, anxiety, fever and plenty more.

Good product / great service
The product was what I wanted! The fast efficient service was pleasantly surprising!  -- Jeff (Real Estate Broker)


Quinine Bark (Red Cinchona) Tea
Quinine Bark (Red Cinchona) Tea
25 tea bags

$ 13.64 US
  • Safely supports nervousness, fever digestion, pain suffering, anxiety, and a great deal more.


Quinine Bark (Red Cinchona) Tea
Quinine Bark (Red Cinchona) Tea
50 tea bags

$ 24.09 US
  • Comfortably addresses fever, pain, digestion, anxiety, bad nerves and much more.


Quinine Bark (Red Cinchona) Tea (Loose)
Quinine Bark (Red Cinchona) Tea (Loose)
4 oz

$ 12.69 US
  • Appropriately addresses anxiety, indigestion, affliction, nervousness, fever and plenty more.


Quinine Bark (Red Cinchona) - 200 mg
Quinine Bark (Red Cinchona) - 200 mg
100 capsules

$ 17.17 US
  • Properly manages anxiety, indigestion, anxiousness, discomfort, fever and on and on.

quinine bark
The bark is not quite as effective as quinine sulphate. However, the latter is not available in U. S. and in CANADA you need a prescription, which you can't get from a US doctor.

I found I needed to take 3 200 capsules...


Quinine Bark (Red Cinchona) - 260 mg
Quinine Bark (Red Cinchona) - 260 mg
100 capsules

$ 19.28 US
  • Successfully manages digestion, pain, anxiety, anxiousness, fever and much more.

nothing aginst product but if you have any kind of problems with your PANCREAS do not take this product it will cause an attack we got it and then my husband could not use it after having this problem with it...  -- louise


Quinine Bark (Red Cinchona) - 325 mg
Quinine Bark (Red Cinchona) - 325 mg
100 capsules

$ 20.58 US
 In Stock - Ships Right Now!

  • Competently addresses nervousness, indigestion, anguish, anxiousness, fever and a good deal more.

Quinine Bark
I'm really happy with my purchase. Both my fiancee, and I suffer from leg cramps, which even added potassium in our diets wasn't completely eliminating. My Zooscape order reached me right away, and was reasonably priced. &...

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Quinine Bark (Red Cinchona) - 450 mg


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