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Eucalyptus Leaf Tea
Eucalyptus Leaf Tea
25 tea bags

$ 13.02 US
 For Soothing Support of Respiratory Tract Ailments!

Medicinal eucalyptus is the most powerful antiseptic of its class!
Hot eucalyptus tea incorporates steam inhalation with a characteristic refreshing, slightly menthol flavor!

I was informed of the Eucalyptus tea by my daughter in New Hampshire who got it from her dad who has passed away. She really liked it and told me about it but didn't know where to buy it. I found ZooScape and decided to try it.



Eucalyptus Leaf Tea
Eucalyptus Leaf Tea
50 tea bags

$ 19.47 US
 The Perfect Herb For Winter!

Alleviate nasal congestion and maintain clear, breathing passages!
Disinfectant actions for effective respiratory support!


Eucalyptus Leaf Tea (Loose)
Eucalyptus Leaf Tea (Loose)
4 oz

$ 9.27 US
 Clinically Proven Effectiveness for Sinus congestion!

Drink and INHALE eucalyptus tea daily for sinus support!
Soothe irritated gums or mouth sores with this powerful disinfectant herbal decoction!

Thank You!
  -- Anonymous


Eucalyptus Leaf Tea (Loose)
Eucalyptus Leaf Tea (Loose)
8 oz

$ 13.79 US
 Pure Eucalyptus Leaves - No Fillers or Additives!

Enjoy the potency and freshness of unadulterated eucalyptus leaves infused in a high quality water for natural respiratory support!
Use the leaves topically to make a warm poultice for joint pain or muscle aches!

Great Eucalyptus tea
I bought a while back Eucalyptus tea and now I am about to buy more... I really like it! It is just right not too strong like others. I usually drink it hot with honey and I give to my 7 year old son when he starts coug...

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Passion Flower (Passiflora) Tea (Loose)


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See: FTC - Dietary Supplements: An Advertising Guide for Industry

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