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Damiana - Glycerite Liquid Extract (1:5) - Chocolate Flavored
Damiana - Glycerite Liquid Extract (1:5) - Chocolate Flavored
1 fl oz

$ 14.68 US
 Mood-Lifting Properties of Chocolate and Damiana in One Great-Tasting Elixir!

Damiana is frequently used to help soothe anxiety, nervousness, and melancholy.
Ideal supplement for travel or work with easy dosing and convenient storage!


Damiana - Glycerite Liquid Extract (1:5) - No Flavor
Damiana - Glycerite Liquid Extract (1:5) - No Flavor
1 fl oz

$ 13.98 US
 Mexican Vitality Elixir Now Available in Glycerite!

No heating or chemical extraction and no artificial colors, flavors, or alcohol!
Damiana is often combined with other herbs like tribulus and maca for a complete and effective vitality formula!


Damiana - Glycerite Liquid Extract (1:5) - Strawberry Flavored
Damiana - Glycerite Liquid Extract (1:5) - Strawberry Flavored
1 fl oz

$ 14.68 US
 Support For Female Hormonal and Reproductive System!

Delicious strawberry flavor!
No pills to swallow or messy powders to prepare!

Good job!
  -- Anonymous


Damiana - Glycerite Liquid Extract (1:5) - Vanilla Flavored
Damiana - Glycerite Liquid Extract (1:5) - Vanilla Flavored
1 fl oz

$ 14.68 US
 Popular Herb in Vitality Formulas Tastes Better Than Ever!

Often used to boost and maintain mental and physical capacity!
Famous herb recognized in Mexico and South America for its purported aphrodisiac properties!


Damiana - Glycerite Liquid Extract (1:5) - Mint Flavored
Damiana - Glycerite Liquid Extract (1:5) - Mint Flavored
1 fl oz

$ 14.68 US
 Animal Studies Show Benefits For Urinary Tract!

Herbal supplements don't have to taste bitter and unpleasant!
Enjoy the freshness of mint and the herbal goodness of damiana all in one!

Product OK.  -- Erich


Damiana Leaf - 450 mg
Damiana Leaf - 450 mg
100 capsules

$ 17.48 US
 In Stock - Ships Right Now!

Support Healthy Progesterone Levels!

Damiana may reduce occurrence of hot flashes, melancholy, and anxiety associated with PMS!
An effective natural regulator and balancer of the female reproductive system!

Great product
  -- Anonymous


Damiana Leaf Powder
Damiana Leaf Powder
4 oz

$ 15.19 US
 Used As A Natural Stimulant For Thousands of Years!

Damiana is an important herbal component in formulas that target weight loss, vitality, hormone balancing, and melancholy.
Often used in combination with other similar herbs, damiana promotes overall balance and tone of several bodily systems.

  -- Anonymous


Damiana Leaf Powder
Damiana Leaf Powder
1 oz

$ 8.13 US
 Stimulate Your Central Nervous System for Improved Mental Clarity!

Damiana is often used for sharpening memory and retention - an asset for anyone in the work place!
Combine with St. John's Wort for a natural anti-melancholy and mild mood lifter!


Damiana Leaf Tea
Damiana Leaf Tea
25 tea bags

$ 16.68 US
 Natural Support For Circulatory System!

Damiana may raise energy levels and alleviate fatigue!
Test tube studies suggest potential benefits for female hormonal and reproductive systems!


Damiana Leaf Tea
Damiana Leaf Tea
50 tea bags

$ 26.07 US
 Female Reproductive and Hormonal Support!

Damiana mimics the action of progesterone thereby supporting healthy levels of female libido!
Experts conclude that damiana could reduce symptoms of melancholy and anxiety associated with the female menstrual cycle!

My order was received in a timely manner and was just what I expected. Thanks a lot!  -- Peggy

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