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Top 10 Male and Female Sexual Fantasies

Fantasies are a normal and healthy part of our sexuality. Often they are taken from past experiences or may even be entirely imaginary. Sometimes these fantasies are taboo, or socially unacceptable, therefore they are only available through fantasy. Fantasies can either supplement a regular sexual lifestyle, or fill a void in one's sexual experience. In either case, all fantasies are harmless as long as they remain just that, a fantasy.

For a better sexual relationship, you should find out what each other's fantasies are. Sit down and talk to one another about them. You should not be afraid to share your dreams and desires with your partner. You cannot afford to keep these darker desires to yourself. Being open with your partner is the first step to building trust which is key to any relationship. Keep an open mind, and never make fun of or ridicule your partner's fantasies. This may lead to a withdrawal of trust and forthgiving of information that is required if either of you are to have a fulfilling sexual relationship. Sometimes our fantasies are just not possible. Depending on each individual, a fantasy may compromise the other's morality or their self-imposed limits. Be sure to think things through so that there are no repercussions or negative results of playing out a fantasy. If necessary, compromise or be creative to make each other's fantasy a reality.

For example, if Tony has had a long-running fantasy of Sandra Bullock, then, for one night, play the part of her. Do your research on the character, get props, wigs or anything else needed to make the ‘play’ more realistic. Or if you really wanted to, or have an open relationship, see if Sandra is available or willing. Just remember, it's all play and you will get your turn as well.

Just because we are adults does not mean we have to stop pretending or playing. The fact is, those of us who continue to 'play' live happier and longer than those who bottle up their desires and emotions. Taking a break from reality is the best form of stress release we have.

So why not experience our fantasies and take this break within the safety of our sexual partners and friends?

Top Ten Male Fantasies

1. Sex with a famous celebrity
2. Sex with more than one woman
3. Oral sex (receiving)
4. Sex with a stranger/acquaintance
5. Sex with girlfriend/wife
6. Voyeurism (watching others)
7. Kinky sex (bondage, spanking etc.)
8 Forced sex
9. Being penetrated *anal
10. Sex with another male

Top Ten Female Fantasies

1. Sex with boyfriend/husband
2. Sex with a famous celebrity
3. Sex with more than one man
4. Kinky sex (bondage, spanking etc.)
5. Sensual and romantic sex
6. Oral sex (receiving)
7. Sex with another female
8. Group sex
9. Sex with a stranger/acquaintance
10. Forced sex

- Brittany

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Chinese Brush Classic - The Original Oriental Formula - Desensitizer
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Chinese Brush Classic - The Original Oriental Formula - Desensitizer

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